Show and Tell.

If a picture is worth a 1,000 words, then video is worth 10,000.

It's a fact of life in the 21st century - people don't like to read. If you give an option, your audience will most likely choose to watch a short video than read the information on your website. Now that can be very advantageous. Why? Because a website is very non-linear. That means the audience can and will receive the information in any order they choose. That is great for the web user who knows exactly what they are looking for and goes directly to it. However, someone who is browsing and just wants to know more about your organization may miss some very important information or not get it presented in a very logical order. But video is linear. That means you can deliver the most important information in just the right order.

Hey. How's it going?
People don't just want to read about your organization or look at pictures - they want to meet you. They want to know that you are real and that you are the type of organization they can trust. They also want to do business with people they like. Words and pictures just can't deliver that type of information. But video can. In fact, in some ways it can do a better job than a face-to-face meeting. 

Once upon a time...
People love stories. And your organization has a story - probably even more than one. Not a sales message. A story. One that tells about why the organization was started or how your product or service is helping someone in a unique way. And when you tell that story through video, your audience will be drawn into the message and more than likely they will want to share that story with others. And that is when things get exciting! 

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