Route Your Audience To Your Site.

Move the audience to the right location and track your ROI.

Those little box codes are showing up everywhere. Why? That is a bigger question than it appears. We'll share a few big reasons.

Easy for the user.

People have limited time and want to get where they are going quickly. That applies to information and communication. If you are promoting a special event, product or service, you could lose your audience if you route them to your home page. Even if you have a banner on the home page, you could lose the audience in a second. Sending them to a landing page specifically for that event, product or service is perfect. But the URL is probably going to be way too complicated. The audience might not remember it or might type in the wrong URL. Again, you lost the audience. But with a QR-Code, the audience snaps a picture with their smart phone and are automatically routed to the place you want them.

Download a QR-Code App for your phone, snap a picture of the code on the T-Shirt and get a picture of where your next promotion could take you. Watch a CNET video about QR-Codes and great mobile apps designed to read them.
Smart for you.
It is really hard to measure the success of a direct mail postcard campaign or and ad in a trade magazine because of the reasons given above. But routing your audience using a QR-Code, is highly effective. Not only can you send them to a specific spot, you can get even more specific because you have no limits on the type of URL you can send them to. Therefore, track whether your audience is coming from an ad in a trade magazine or a poster at the mall.

A powerful package.
Combine direct marketing, landing pages and video for an extremely powerful communication path.


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