Mobilize Your Website.

Do your customers need to access your site from their mobile phone?

A recent study by Nielsen showed that by 2014, nearly 60 percent of the 142.1 million U.S. mobile population will access the Internet using mobile browsers. That means very soon, the majority of Web users will access it via phones and be less dependent on stationary computers. However, most websites don't work well on mobile phones. They are too slow to load, too hard to view and too hard to use. And because there are certain types of information in which mobile access is going to be the preferred method for most people, users will gravitate toward those businesses that are delivering content in the most mobile friendly version.

In other words - your site needs to be delivered in both a desktop and a mobile version. This can be accomplished in a couple of ways. We can create a mobile version of your existing site. Or we can convert your existing site into a content management system that can deliver the site in both formats.

A powerful package.
Combine a CMS that allows you to quickly set up landing pages for special events or promotions, QR-Codes that give mobile users quick access to your site, and video that delivers a quick introduction for an extremely powerful mobile sales approach.

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